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Welcome to the Educational Funding Systems, Family Fun Book website!

Our Family Fun Book was created for the purpose of providing schools and other non-profit organizations with a simple, risk-free fundraising system, as well as a product that benefits the buyer. Our Family Fun Book is the most profitable fundraiser for organizations while providing year long savings for those who purchase the book.

We are a local, family-run business which has been servicing the Volusia County community for 21 years. The business is currently owned and operated by Amanda Manley, first grade school teacher, and her brother Robert Ross, an already successful children's business owner.  Educational Funding Systems was founded in 1991 by a retired teacher from the Volusia County School System, our goal has always been to support the community by partnering with local businesses, schools, churches and civic groups. When you purchase a Family Fun Book

or use it as a fundraiser, you are helping to support local businesses and, in return, these businesses show place offers to support our community fundraisers.



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